There is no question that appearance matters heavily in some career fields. Additionally, while not legal or ethical, other industries still harbor specific favoritism for traits and backgrounds, such as the tech industry’s long-infamous habit of funding capital in new startups led by male, white entrepreneurs versus people of other backgrounds. While plastic surgery can do nothing for those situations that the law should already be addressing, Dr. Joel Aronowitz does agree it can definitely provide advantages for those in fields where “looks matter,” such as in sales, public appearance, PR, entertainment, and more.

Finding the Look

Anyone who is going to be in front of people has to deal with the demand for a certain look. This is common for anything in front of the camera as well as high-pressure contact sales. That also includes a slim, athletic figure, a chiseled face versus round and plump, a lean body appearance versus a robust one, and clear dental care. It’s an unfair world in this regard because, genetically, people are born with all types of variations and ease or difficulty in achieving a “perfect look.”

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However, plastic surgery can do quite a bit in a non-dramatic fashion towards helping a patient come closer to target characteristics.

Plastic Surgery Can Do a Lot for Improvement

There is quite a bit that can be done through plastic surgery regardless of the genetics of a person when it comes to what’s possible. Further, Joel Aronowitz MD reminds readers recovery takes time and can be variable. Plastic surgery can be a commitment of time and resources, but the results can be notably powerful in the positive changes they can provide once complete and the healing phase is over. It’s definitely worth considering carefully if appearance is a major life improvement desired by a prospective patient.

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Consider All the Factors Before Diving In

For those who believe a dive into cosmetic surgery may be an option for boosting their career, consideration of all options should be done before running headlong into plastic surgery. Yes, appearance change can have a dramatic impact on appearance-oriented career paths. However, if the difficulties one is facing getting head are more personality-based, other choices like changing employers, boosting one’s network, or trying new career possibilities definitely can create positive impacts as well. For example, during the current actor’s strike, some actors are going direct to social media to new generate fan-based income channels while their traditional income arena is stalled. No plastic surgery is needed for that kind of creativity.