If you’re a cooking enthusiast, you’re always looking for quality kitchenware and equipment that can help make your work easier. One of those items is non-stick cookware. Whether you want to prepare crispy pancakes, oil-free foods, stews, or other delicious meals, your non-stick pot and pans help make things easier for you. They not only distribute heat for even cooking but are also easy to clean. So, if you want this type of cookware for your kitchen, here are a few qualities to check for.

Safety Levels

Today, there are plenty of non-stick cookware brands. Therefore, you want to ensure that the material used to make your pots and pans is 100% safe. Check if there are any harmful chemicals such as Cadmium, PFOA, Lead, or Arsenic. You can read online reviews and specifications to see if there is any harmful material.

cookware with non stick surface

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The processes and materials used to make pots can impact the end results. Straightforward processes and quality material means quality cookware. Look for non-stick cookware made from heavy-gauge aluminum if you want durable cookware. Remember, plenty of low-quality cookware may appear stylish and colorful but are less durable. While pots need to be sleek, make sure they are durable.

Heat Distribution

We buy non-stick cookware thinking we will be cooking like pros, but that doesn’t always happen because not all pots distribute heat evenly. Therefore, you want to be careful when choosing pots to ensure you get the right quality for even heat distribution. Remember, heat distribution is usually determined by the material used.

meat in the pan

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Apart from cooking food well, your cookware should be easy to handle, clean, and maintain. Therefore, check whether the cookware can go into the dishwasher and induction. Also, check if it’s oven-safe or not. The handles should be firm, heat-resistant, and non-conductors of heat to prevent burning your hands.

A good cookware set not only makes your kitchen work easy, it also improves your cooking skills. By checking the above qualities, you can go home with the right set for your cooking needs.